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Unlock Your Inner Strength

My obsession with fitness began in high school when I signed up for a PE weight training class after feeling too insecure to join a team sport. As the only girl in weightlifting, it didn’t take long to learn that the gains I made in the gym weren’t just physical, it made me feel strong, focused and confident. It kept me both mentally and physically tough, no matter what challenges I encountered.  


I found my true passion in life and was lucky to I know early on that not working out would never be an option and that I had to share my passion. 


I became a certified NASM Personal Trainer, Women's Fitness Specialization, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, V.DOT Running Coach and hold other certifications in TRX Group & Personal Training, Schwinn Cycling, Mechanics of Injury Prevention, Modification & Rehabilitation, Women's Fitness, Megaformer Pilates, Barre training, Treadmill classes … anything and everything SWEAT.

It was after marrying my best friend and becoming a mom to three amazing children, that my unwillingness to surrender to the “aging mom bod” and get back my pre-baby body fueled me even farther, to better train clients also seeking transformation.  I made a commitment to myself to stay fit for life and continue to find new challenges, both personally and professionally.


I am humbled and incredibly honored to represent lululemon as a brand ambassador. Partnering with them has given me the opportunity to grow even deeper in my community and enabled me to do even more of what I love most:  inspire others, lead with passion & coach.  

Together, we will work out hard--and smart--to UNLOCK YOUR INNER STRENGTH!  

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