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I AM NOT A RUNNER…well, at least I never considered myself A Runner.


One day, I just started running. I didn’t run for a high school team or in college, I just ran for exercise.


One day, I just laced up and ran, then I ran again and again and again. Always just checked it off as “workout done.”  But the more I ran, the more I wanted to run. I started getting up early to squeeze in a run and scheduled long run days… but still never considered myself “A Runner.”


I added treadmill running classes to my group fitness teaching resume, drawing on my own personal experiences to help coach the runs, trained clients to run races, started to run more and more races, marveled at other runners … but still didn’t consider myself “A Runner.”


I always looked up to and drew inspiration from professional runners, the kind you see on the cover of Running Magazine, read running blogs and books… my running library and my mileage grew and grew. I imagined what it must be like to be “A RUNNER LIKE THAT!”


Then, one day, it was a simple, accidental shift in my mindset while running (All of my greatest epiphanies have come to me when I’m running):   If you run, YOU ARE A RUNNER.


Just because running feels hard does not make you “NOT A RUNNER.” Running is so freakin hard! THE HARDEST! But also the most rewarding. We all struggle with hard run days, aches and pains, setbacks and sometimes lost toenails. BUT we also celebrate finish lines & PR’s, swap race-day stories and can’t stop talking about running! It was an amazing journey to the place that I am now.


Now, I can finally proudly say: I AM A RUNNER, and YOU ARE TOO!


It’s been a huge goal of mine to lead an inclusive run club, a community filled with fun, camaraderie, a space where everyone feels welcome and we cheer each other on! I want to share what I have learned over the years as a runner, a NASM Personal Trainer, Barry’s Instructor and V.DOT run coach to help you start running or become a stronger runner, to avoid injuries, properly fuel your body so it will perform at it’s highest potential, learn how to stretch, recover and take the self-care your body needs. I am always working on collaborating with other health & fitness professionals,  inviting new guests to come join us to help keep you inspired … even giving you the opportunity to run a 5K race together locally (or two!) in Westchester.


First Lace Up & Meet Up 5K (3.1 miles, community pace - No man left behind) on Sundays at 9:00a on the Bronx River Parkway Bike & Trail Path Entrance near the Scarsdale Train Station. Free parking near Dunkin’ Donuts *Plug the address: 10 Depot Place into your GPS.


All are welcome, so bring a friend!  Shoot me an email to let me know if you’re planning on attending!


We’ll be running every Sunday at 9am.  We can connect on Strava and our Facebook Group: Run With Rhonda, Instagram: @rhondahuntfitness for updates on the special events and surprises I’ve got planned for you!


I’ll help keep you inspired and motivated to KEEP GOING!


Sign your waiver and you're good to go!! 


See you Sunday!

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